Synthesis studies

Overview of ongoing synthesis studies

# SAS synthesis study Work group leader Email
1 Development of a SAS atlas Carin Ashjian

Mary-Louise Timmermans

2 State of Heat and Fresh Water in the Arctic Ocean 2020-2022 Mary-Louise Timmermans
3 Freshwater components and change using O18-S relationships Maurizio Azzaro
4 Changes in Anthropogenic Carbon Storage in the Central Arctic Ocean Adam Ulfsbo
5 Trends and Drivers of Ocean Acidification in the Arctic Ocean Agneta Fransson
6 Ocean Acidification in a changing Barents Sea: focus on role of sea ice loss for ocean CO2 uptake and transport to deeper layers Melissa Chierici
7 Arctic Ocean’s Carbon Budget for 2020-2022 Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo

Zhangxian Ouyang

8 Ecosystem Modeling Approach to Estimate Carbon Flow Carin Ashjian
9 Methane Dynamics in Arctic Waters Akihiko Murata
10 Nutrient and Dissolved Oxygen Concentration and Ratios Trends Maria Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez

Lauren Juranek

Shigeto Nishino

11 The value of SAS and decadal repeats Øyvind Paasche
12 State of the ecosystem in the Arctic Ocean with prediction of expected changes and migration of species Jackie Grebmeier

Lee Cooper

13 Relationships of Increasing Shipping with Arctic Ocean Ecosystems Paul Berkman
14 Comparison with shelf-slope-basin data from 20 years ago and SAS Jackie Grebmeier
15 Microbial taxonomic and functional diversity of bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses in the Arctic Ocean Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm
16 eDNA of zooplankyon, squid, fish, mammals, birds found in the Arctic Ocean Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm