SAS fall Webinar “A New Arctic Emerging” on September 2

Thanks to our three speakers and to everyone who attended the Webinar! Watch it above.


The Synotic Arctic Survey (SAS) is still going strong despite the situation with Covid-19. On this occasion, we would like to bring you up to speed on the status of the Arctic Ocean and of SAS and hereby invite you to join the Synoptic Arctic Survey’s fall Webinar “A New Arctic Emerging” on September 2, 15:00 – 17:00 (UTC +2).

This Webinar will address the Arctic Ocean in response to present and future climate change with focus on marine physical, biogeochemical, and ecological processes, and emphasizes the underlying question behind SAS’s science plan: What are the present state and major ongoing transformations of the Arctic marine system?

There will be three solicited talks with room for questions and discussions:

1. Andrey Proshutinsky (WHOI)Freshwater in the Beaufort Gyre; accumulation, release processes, and their influence on Arctic circulation and climate.

2. Ryan Woosley (MiT)Freshening of the western Arctic and the impacts on anthropogenic carbon uptake potential.

3. Marit Reigstad (UiT)Understanding the driving mechanisms and potential fate of increased primary production in the Arctic.

The Webinar will take place in GoToMeeting, and moderated by Øyvind Paasche, the Chair of SAS’ Scientific Steering Committee.

If you are interested in joining, please email Anne Kari Meisingset at anne.meisingset(@) to get the meeting ID.

Hope to see you there!