Watch the SAS November Webinar; Reporting back from the Arctic Ocean

November 19, 2020

Reports from the SAS cruise activity in 2020 from the national representatives;

0:04:03: Dr Shigeto Nishino (JAMSTEC) Reporting from the Japanese contribution from Bering Strait, Chukchi Sea, and Canada Basin with R/V Mirai.

0:17:25: Dr Kyoung-Ho Cho (KOPRI) Reporting from the Korean contribution from Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea with R/V Araon.

0:24:45: Dr Kumiko Asetzu-Scott (DFO) Reporting from the USA/Canada/Denmark/Greenland contribution from Davis Strait, Baffin Bay, and Labrador Sea with R/V Dana.

0:37:00: Dr Bill Williams (DFO) Reporting from the USA/Canada/Japan contribution from the Beaufort Sea and Canada Basin with CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent.

Updates on planned cruises;

0:54:30: Dr Mats Granskog (Norwegian Polar Institute) Cruise plans for Fram Strait (Norwegian Polar Institute) and Arctic Ocean (Nansen Legacy) with Kronprins Haakon.


1:01:00: Dr Carin Ashjian (WHOI) Presentation from the recent MOSAiC expedition.