SAS synthesis workshop report

Group photo of participants of the SAS synthesis workshop in Woods HoleThe SAS synthesis phase was initiated with a workshop in Woods Hole, June 7-9, 2023. Almost 40 participants brainstormed ideas for synthesis papers and how to establish an online SAS atlas of the Artic Ocean (as has been done for all the other oceans in the WOCE atlas).

Carin Ashjian hosted the workshop at the top floor of the Clark building at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. A selection of the wonderful images taken by photographer Leonard Sussman on the Healy cruise to the North Pole were displayed during the workshop.

On the first day of the workshop, Øyvind Paasche introduced the background of the SAS initiative and the need to move forwards. All country representatives gave overviews of cruises contributing to the SAS data collection, and suggestions for pan-Arctic themes to study. Several participants presented results from individual cruises. The second day was used for discussions in break-out groups and in plenary. On the third day, we compiled a list of synthesis papers with assigned working groups and agreed on the road ahead. The full SAS synthesis workshop report describes this in more details.

Overview presentations

Individual presentations

A list of planned synthesis papers was compiled at the workshop.

Screenshot of online particpants (Karen and Jeehoon)

Screenshot of online participants (Pauline and Kumiko)
Screenshot of four online participants